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The Diverse and Sexy, American –born model Adella Pasos , has been modeling since 2006. With her bright smile and sexy and sultry look, this model has melted the hearts of everyone to whom she’s come in contact with. Adella Pasos is one of those entrancing ladies of the camera; a genuine modeling rarity.  You can tell she takes her body seriously which is a necessity in the modeling business and a great sign of motivation and work ethic.

Born and Raised in Chicago, IL, this city is well known for its wealth of public art works by such artistic heavyweights as Picasso, Chagall, Abakanowicz , and Miro.  Interested in the arts from a young age, Adella always knew that she would exercise her talents in a creative way.  Adella competed in several regional and national competitions in sculpture, painting, graphic & contemporary arts and took home winning prizes.

Adella got her start in the industry conducting market research and creating business plans for small to mid size businesses that needed a new perspective on how to drive sales by use of marketing and promotions. As a model herself and promotions coordinator, this gave her the opportunity to explore the public relations side of marketing. She used her bright talents to execute with excellence.

Quickly gaining exposure, she immediately began to organize promotional modeling events, hosting for celebrity parties, and branding her name as a spokes model. This girl not only has good looks, but intelligence, drive, and the power to communicate effectively amongst the professionals in our industry.

Since then, Adella has been busy moving and shaking up the scene, posing for clothing ads, being featured in magazines, making fashion show appearances, and working with professionals in the Music & Film industries.

Whats Next for Adella? She is currently transitioning into a film career, as she’s started taking on several rolls aimed at the young adult audiences.

Beauty for ages

ATL Night Spot

Babes of the Universe

Guy Speed

Cutie Central


"Hi, my name is Adella Pasos, I'm a model who has experience in all different areas of modeling. Swimwear, Glamour, Editorial, Beauty, Fashion. You name it! I love to collaborate with others!" 

My Page

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Sandra Tveit Sandra Tveit

Hi, my name is Sandra and I am a model based in Norway. I have been modeling for a few years and I just love the way make up and costumes or clothes give me the opportunity to basically be someone else or show another side of me. I love modelling and traveling so do contact me.



No piercings, no tattoos, no scars.


Represented by Sevens Modelmanagement, Germany. 

Available for:

Portrait, Fashion, Beauty, Sport, Swimsuit, Lingerie, 

Film and Photography

I don't do any kind of: 

Nude, Fetish and Stock photography


Norwegian, English


Holger van Dreumel (hvd:photography)

coultique magazine

liberaeva magazine

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Gift says she has what it takes to become a world class Model Gift says she has what it takes to become a world class Model

Gift is loved in France Italy and Senegal. Gift Enog embodies the black beauty. She is tall and beautiful and men can't resist her beauty! "I really believe in myself and I know that I have what it takes to be a world class model"

Hi, I am an international Runway Model as well as a makeup artist, born in Benin and based in Italy, I was discovered by my agent as I was shopping in Italy and it has been wonderful ever since. I spend most of my time in Lagos where I am kept very busy and it is a wonderful chance to give back some of my modeling experience to the the young beautiful girls that want to also become models. I am very reliable and professional so please book me.

Contact us for more details

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Lea Brock Our Model of the day, is very focused, professional and hot!! Lea Brock Our Model of the day, is very focused, professional and hot!!

Checkout Lea Brock, our Featured  Glamour Model, an amazing and focused Model from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Lea is a freelance model and actress who has worked with big brands like Harley Davidson, Budweiser, Hardcore Choppers and many others.

For bookings and more information, please contact us at and we will connect you to this awesome young lady.

"Welcome to my page, My name is Lea Brock but people call me bubbles bc I'm pretty much always smiling and energetic. I have done many modeling/promotional jobs in the past 3 years and I am so excited for what is coming up in the near future. I love modeling and take my work very seriously. I will always show up on time, with a positive attitude and ready to work. I do every job to the best of my ability and you will be very satisfied by the work we create together!"

Her modeling career include:

  • Budweiser
  • Black Diamond-Miss Sept 2011
  • Dales Harley Davidson
  • Hardcore Choppers
  • Seductive Collection- print work
  • Kc Trucker-Print work
  • House of style-print work
  • TAO radio
  • ATN promo
  • Pureology/Redken- Hair show
  • Dillards- swim wear fashion show
  • Marion Miners
  • Fight Factory- Ring girl
  • 618 MMA- ring girl
  • Cheerz USA
  • River City Rocker- Hometown Honey of week
  • St. Charles Motorsports-Contest
  • Get Wicked Clothing

That’s quite a resume! Lea also operates her own clothing company for women and will soon have a website devoted to that.

In the meantime, enjoy Luscious Lea’s photo gallery…it’s great eye candy!

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Our Super Model Steph Rai is on a Roll! Our Super Model Steph Rai is on a Roll!

Steph Rai is an up-and coming model living in NYC. Having made the final decision to free herself from a city she wished to leave for quite some time (although a near fatal car accident in December of 2009 had to be the final push as they say), she spent much of 2010 living, exploring, and most of all learning. Now that 2011 has finally arrived and she is settled in in her own place in the Big Apple, it’s just about time to say:

Let’s begin now.

Model/actress based in primarily NYC & LA. Multiple print (and digital) magazine, including Vogue.It, published; Model of numerous lookbooks(cover model), catalogs, the face of two cosmetics campaigns, NYFW runway. Actress in IMDb film, music videos (one on Fuse TV), film fest trailers....
And MUCH more.

Contact us for more details

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Heidi Klum Hunting For New 'Top Model' House Following Fire Heidi Klum Hunting For New 'Top Model' House Following Fire

Supermodel Heidi Klum and her team of producers are frantically searching for a new house to film Germany's Next Top Model after a fire badly damaged the Hollywood Hills home they had rented for the show.

Supermodel Heidi Klum and her team of producers are frantically searching for a new house to film Germany's Next Top Model after a fire badly damaged the Hollywood Hills home they had rented for the show, can reveal.

A Los Angeles fire fighter was badly injured at the fire at the luxury home on Viewsite Drive on Wednesday.

More than 80 firefighters attended the blaze and the un-named fireman was severely hurt after a section of the ceiling collapsed after a faulty sprinkler allowed water to collect in an enclosed area above them.
A source told "Heidi Klum and producers from Tresor Entertainment are now trying to find an alternative location to shoot Germany's Next Top Model.

"They were due to start filming today through until April 22, 2011, with five of the contestants - who are aged between 16 and 23 - all set to live in the property.

"The fire came as a real shock to Heidi and her team because they were all set to start filming the show and were really happy with the location.

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Tyra Banks: America's next top mogul Tyra Banks: America's next top mogul

Tyra Banks has already fashioned a highly successful TV career. Now this former supermodel is forging a new role for herself as a model student. So where does she learn to run her multi-million-dollar empire? From the big league to the Ivy League. She tells Tracy Smith all about it:

Tyra Banks knows how to work it. As if it wasn't enough to be a former Victoria's Secret lingerie model, or the head of her own successful media company, or a well known TV star, the one-time supermodel also has, it would seem, a super brain.

Since last year, Tyra Banks has been a student at the mother of all business schools - that really famous one up in Boston.

"How do people react when they hear you're going to Harvard?" asked Tracy Smith.

"I get mixed reactions. There are little facial expressions. ... The chin goes back, like, 'Really?' " Banks said.

"And, how do you react to the, 'Huh?' " Smith asked.

"I'm, like, 'Yeah, I'm going.' How do I react to that? I kind of take a pause and kind of analyze what this is. And a lot of it is just shock."

She's enrolled in an elite business management program designed for the busiest and most successful entrepreneurs.

Is there something to it being Harvard?

"Most definitely there's something to do with it being Harvard. Harvard Business School - the number one business school in the entire world. In order for my company to grow and be the best, and to reach these women, and to serve them, I needed the best. So I went to the best," Banks said.

That notion of being the best started early. Born in South-Central Los Angeles, and raised by a single mom, Tyra Banks was a good enough student to be admitted to both USC and UCLA, but instead she chose the fashion runways of Paris.

"And the day that I put college on hold because I got discovered to go to Paris and try this whole modeling thing, it was one of the most difficult decisions of my entire life," she said.

"I gave myself a year to be a supermodel. And I said if it doesn't happen, I'm going back to school.

"And it happened." Smith said.

"I guess so. Yeah."

In fact, it practically exploded. Tyra Banks became the face every designer she seemed to want. A fixture at Victoria's Secret. The first African-American woman on the coveted cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuThe Harvard Connectionit issue. But she realized she couldn't model forever, and in 2005 she decided to strut off the runway for good.

"I don't think me walking away from modeling was scary for me. In hindsight, I think it was very risky, when you talk about risk. Because it paid the bills," Banks said. "So I don't know if that was the smartest thing in the world to do. It paid off. You know, of course, in hindsight, everything is like 'I was so smart.' But just in hindsight. It was kind of throwing all my eggs in one basket."

That "basket" was television. Banks had started her own reality show - America's Next Top Model - in 2003, and her own Emmy-award-winning talk show a few years later. A big part of her appeal was her unabashed honesty about the beauty industry that made her famous.

"It's like I have to let you know that this is not real. I have to let you know that my boobs are saggy. I have to let you know, I feel like it's a responsibility. And so I don't know how to not do that."

Her formula seems to work. In 2009, Forbes listed Tyra Banks as the highest paid woman in prime time, with an annual income of $30 million.

But that was just a milestone. Next week, Banks will launch her latest creation: TypeF, a beauty and fashion advice Web site that could be another hot property in a growing media empire.

Now more than ever, her style is "hands-on."

I think I could've leaned on all of my advisers. I have accountants, and lawyers, and this and investment bankers. But I don't want to be that girl when I'm meeting with them, where I'm like, 'Uh-huh, great.' I now can say what's the net present value on that. What's the discounted cash flows of that, and that's because of Harvard."

Banks and her fellow students in the Harvard Owner/President Management Program spend three weeks on campus a year for three years, and pay around $31,000 a year in tuition.

"It's pretty exclusive. It's quite expensive. But, I feel like it is worth it. I feel like it is so, so worth it," she said.

"$2,000 a day, Tyra?" Smith asked.

"$1,750," Banks said.

She also gets things that money can't buy, like the title of Harvard Business School alum.

"Have you been underestimated?" Smith asked her.

"All the time. Like I feel like I kind of live with the wind at my face. I still feel that. Yeah, i do. You know, even little blog things that i see. You know, got out that I was in school at Harvard. And it's like, well, oh my god, why is a model going to Harvard? But that's actually a good thing, because when people have low expectations, you're just constantly going, "Ta-da!' And they're like, 'Wow.' It doesn't take a lot to wow them when they have low expectations," she said.

Expectations that are bound to rise for a woman who might be America's next top ... mogul.

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